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You are a blogger who wants to earn some extra money by including advertising into your posts or your sidebar? Someone who wants to setup ads in a simple and effective way? Wordpress Ad-Manager offers you a simple solution to implement advertising into your posts, your blog or any other WordPress page. You can use pictures and images or HTML snippets like Google AdSense to incorporate advertising in an easy way. You are able to select ads via Ad Zones, to re-size them or to limit the height or the width. WordPress Ad-Manager also offers statistics for the site admin. However, WordPress Ad-Manager’s best feature is its simplicity. It’s easy to set up and also comes with a widget. What more could one want? Video Preview You can find a demo-video of this script on YouTube. Examples If you want to include a random of your uploaded ads into a post or page, use this shortcode: [ads] To limit the width/height of the displayed ad, use w/h followed by the amount of pixels, e.g.: [ads w500] Limits the width to 500px [ads h200] Limits the height to 200px [ads w500 h200] Limits the width to 500px and the height to 200px To include a specific ad, use the following shortcode and replace ### with the actual ID of the ad you want to display: [ad ###] You can use the same parameters as above to limit the width/height, e.g.: [ad 25] For reference: Embed ad with id 25 [ad 25 w500] Limits the width of the ad with id 25 to 500px You can embed an Ad-Zone like this (while ## is the id of the zone): [ad z##] Again, the same parameters to limit the width/height: [ad z5] For reference: Embed ad-zone with id 5 [ad z5 h200] Limits the height of the displayed ad to 200px [ad z5 w500 h200] Limits the width of the displayed ad to 500px and the height to 200px Template Tags As a developer, you can implement ads via our Template Tags, too. There are three functions to get either the code of a random ad: adManager::random_ad(); a specific ad by id, e.g.: adManager::specific_ad( 5 ); or a random ad out of a zone, e.g.: adManager::ad_zone( ‘z2′ ); adManager::ad_zone( 2 ); // New syntax since 1.1 Note that this will get the code of the ad, if you want to output it, you need to set an additional parameter to true (Available since v1.1): adManager::random_ad( true ); adManager::specific_ad( 5, true ); adManager::ad_zone( 2, true ); Support instructions Due to the fact that we have lots of other projects at the moment, we won’t provide support anymore for any of our products here on CodeCanyon. They work fine for hundreds of customers, if you have a problem this is most likely because of an improper server setup. Thank you for your understanding.

Created 24 September 11
Last Update 7 September 13
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
Software Version WordPress 3.2
Tags Ad-Manager, ad-zones, ads, adsense, advertising, manager, wordpress, zones

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