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About UserCredits for WordPress Outerbridge’s UserCredits for WordPress plugin allows you to translate monetary payment amounts into user credits (i.e. points) on your website. Credits can then be used to perform certain operations on the site, such as accessing a restricted page on the website. Key features: Manage user credits (or points) when people buy credits from you Credits can expire or be reset Easy to implement access control to time-limit access to protected content Easy to set-up and use – all pages and help files rewritten by our UX expert Implemented via shortcodes Create unlimited credit bundles Individually manage users Free credits for new users My UserCredits page in the admin area where users can check their balances Admin page which shows which users have access to which page UserCredits has the ability for users to transfer credits to other users Handy buttons with customisable messages to direct users to using their credits Customisable information messages Sidebar widgets for highest balance, most recent purchase, and the balance of the logged-in user Detailed transaction logs showing who’s done what, and when (filterable for individual users) Customisable scheduled emails for low balance alert, credits added, and weekly balance update Comprehensive instructions Hooks (action and filter) for advanced users to add their own functions Translation ready Want to See More? Visit the live preview site. PayPal and Other Payment Providers To make integrating UserCredits with PayPal IPN easier, we have released an add-on to the UserCredits plugin which allows you to easily integrate UserCredits with PayPal IPN. It’s available exclusively on CodeCanyon. For integration with other payment providers (and PayPal if you don’t wish to use our easy-to-use add-on), the user credits plugin comes into play only when you have successfully received a payment from your provider, so you need to receive a variable with the payment value from your payment provider. The name of this parameter can be set to meet your requirements on the plugin’s Settings page, making it easier for you to set up your site alongside your payment provider. Version History v4.3 – 24 April 2015 – escaped all instances of add_query_args() v4.2 – 01 April 2015 – reworked the datetime function, added option for controlling scheduled emails, plus styled admin buttons v4.1.3 – 27 January 2015 – updated demo site link and removed the php4 constructor v4.1.2 – 23 January 2015 – fixed multisite issues v4.1.1 – 06 January 2015 – added charset collate to table creation and removed v4.0 upgrade alert message v4.1 – 23 July 2014 – added $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_GET options, improved set-up page and rewrote help file, tidied comments, and fixed pagination on page access admin page v4.0.1 – 05 July 2014 – fixed bug affecting some users in set-up process v4.0 – 02 July 2014 – major re-write with many new features v3.1.2 – 26 February 2014 – added [day] and [hour] display options to the grace period v3.1.1 – 10 December 2013 – initial table creation issue fixed v3.1 – 06 December 2013 – fixed “You cannot add further credits that quickly” message not displaying and amended how viewtime and addupdatelock work v3.0 – 29 November 2013 – added credit expiries and made translation ready v2.2 – 25 July 2013 – added visual shortcodes v2.1.3 – 27 February 2013 – small bug fix v2.1.2 – 11 February 2013 – small bug fix v2.1.1 – 17 October 2012 – small bug fix v2.1.0 – 23 August 2012 – custom variable name v2.0.0 – 16 June 2012 – custom messages

Created 15 November 11
Last Update 24 April 15
Files Included JavaScript JS, PHP
Software Version WordPress 4.3
Tags account, credit bundles, custom messages, deposit, expiry, free credits, points, restrict access, shortcodes, translation ready, user credits, wordpress, wordpress plugin

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