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This plugin is an extension for and requires UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin UberMenu Conditionals adds the option to conditionally display or hide any individual item in your UberMenu. It adds a new settings tab to each item, where you can select which condition(s) must be met. Hidden items will be completely absent from the HTML markup, not hidden via CSS, and all child items of hidden items will be removed as well. Choose up to 2 conditions per menu item, and configure whether one or both conditions must be met to display the item. Predefined conditions include: If user is logged in If user is not logged in If user can [capability] If user cannot [capability] User is [role] User is not [role] On front page Not on front page On home page (main blog) Not on home page (main blog) On a page Not on a page On a single Post Not on a single Post On a page template Not on a page template On a Category Archive On a Tag Archive On a Taxonomy Archive On an Author Archive page On any archive page On Search Results page On 404 page On a single Page, Post, or Attachment Is Post Type [type] Parameters can be passed to many of the functions to restrict the condition to a particular post/Page or set of posts/Pages, for example. Users can also define custom conditions in PHP via a filter. An example and function template is provided in the documentation. New! Easily add a logout link to your menu Requirements WordPress 3.9+ UberMenu 3.0+ UberMenu not included; must be purchased separately. Changelog v3.0 – Feature Release (August 3, 2014) * Compatibility update for UberMenu 3.0 * Added ability to select multiple conditions * Added parameter hints to in-plugin documentation v1.2 – Feature Release (March 17, 2014) * Added User is [role] condition v1.1 – Feature Release (September 24, 2012) * New Predefined Condition: Is Post Type [type] * Ability to easily add logout link to conditional menu item

Created 18 September 12
Last Update 3 August 14
Files Included PHP
Software Version WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9
Tags condition, conditional, display, extension, hide, logged in, menu, menu item, show, UberMenu, wordpress

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