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Welcome to the SP Gravity Forms – List and Edit Plugin   With this plugin it’s possible to display a list at the front-end of each entry of a form and to edit already saved data at the front-end. The only missing functions of Gravity Forms. (You need a licensed copy of Gravity Forms to use this Plugin.) New !! Edit, View, AddNew and Delete functions New !! Post Field Support New !! List Field Support tQuery – Dynamic Tables Support (the script is not included)   Features Edit and re-save already saved entries from the front-end without any coding Delete already saved entries from the front-end without any coding Display a list at the front-end of all entries of a form Setup Edit-Mode and List-Mode at the Gravity Forms Settings Page for each Form Check the Fields you need to display at the Entry-List at the Advanced-Field-Settings Overwrite the saved Settings with a lot of shortcode attributes Supports most of the fields from Gravity Forms Support the Gravity-Forms Post-Fields Fully integrated into Gravity-Forms Define Notifications depending on the event (addnew, delete, update) Supported Fields Single Line Text Paragraph Text Drop Down Multi Select Number Checkbox Radio Name Date Time Phone Address Website eMail File Upload List (edit-mode) Post-Title Post-Content Post-Excerpt Post-Tags Post-Category Post-Custom-Fields Product Quantity Shipping Total Release 1.9.3 – 04/21/2014 – ChangeLog Fixed problem with notifications Release 1.9.2 – 03/04/2014 – ChangeLog Fixed user handling Release 1.9.1 – 03/04/2014 – ChangeLog Bugfix : GF only stores data if a field is set. So the update of an existing record doesn’t work, when the user unset a field. Now this is fixed. (example : on save a checkbox is set. on update a checkbox isn’t set – so GF doesn’t update this field) Better display on fields with choices and enabled values (select, multi select, checkbox, radio button) Release 1.9 – 03/02/2014 – ChangeLog Bugfix on Multi-Page-Forms Bugfix on Save Entries : When a form validation fails a new record will be created instead of updating the old record Stripped shortcode attribute ‘demomode’ Bugfix on User Handling : It was possible to edit an entry that wasn’t saved from this user Bugfix on Shortcode Handling : Some attributes wasn’t right handled Add a setting to display an ‘Add New’ button at the end of the list It’s now possible to define a special CSS class that will be used at the Entry-List It’s now possible to display a ‘view’ button to display an entry It’s now possible to display a ‘delete’ button to delete an entry It’s now possible to setup a notification for all events or special notification for addnew, delete or update an entry Release 1.8 – 12/30/2013 – ChangeLog Bugfix on Multi-Page-Forms Bugfix on List-Fields Release 1.7 – 12/09/2013 – ChangeLog Bugfix on saving custom-post-fields Added support for list-fields that are defined as custom-post-fields Release 1.6 – 12/08/2013 – ChangeLog SP-GG-MySQL-Connect Plugin support. Now it’s possible to edit MySQL-Records (wich was saved with the SP-GF-MySQL-Connect Plugin) Better tQuery handling. The needed JS and CSS files are only loaded when a form with tQuery support is loaded Release 1.5 – 12/01/2013 – ChangeLog Advanced tQuery support. Now it’s possible to adjust the tQuery at the Gravity-Forms Form-Settings Page Better permalink handling Updated Translation List-Field support at edit-mode Release 1.4 – 11/26/2013 – ChangeLog New Setting to display the ‘lead-id’, an internal Gravity-Forms record-id, as the first column at the Entry-List Support for the famous tQuery – Dynamic Tables Script (the tQuery-Script is not included) Updated Translation Release 1.3 – 11/16/2013 – ChangeLog Added support for the Gravity-Forms Form-Title. (shortcode attribute to turn the display off) Added support for the Gravity-Forms Form-Description. (shortcode attribute to turn the display off) Added support for Post-Fields Bugfix : When a Form doesn’t have any fields, an error occurs at the Entry-List Updated Documentation Release 1.2 – 11/01/2013 – ChangeLog Added default WordPress translation features, so the plugin is fully translatable German translation included

Created 30 October 13
Last Update 23 April 14
Compatible With Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms 1.6.x, Gravity Forms 1.7.x
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, PHP
Software Version WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2
Tags edit, Edit-Mode, Entry-List, form, front-end, gravity forms, list

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