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Downloadable Content and Add-ons for Calendarize it! With Calendarize it! version 2.0 we introduce Downloadable Content. When you enter your License Key in the Options Panel you will be able to access Downloads. You can download free add-ons like our new Visual CSS Editor and the Contexual Help for Calendarize it! as well as buy premium add-ons.   Event and Venue Layout Box Builder With Calendarize it! 2.0 we introduce the Layout Builder for the Event and Venue Box.  It makes it super easy to customize the layout and add custom fields as well as setup default templates.   Update the plugin directly from within WordPress admin You can now update Calendarize it! for WordPress directly from within WordPress admin. All you need to do is enter your Item Purchase Code (License Key) in the Options Panel.   Easy Point and Click interface to add new events It is easy to add new events with the “point and click” visual calendar interface in wp-admin. Click on the day, enter the start day/time and end day/time.   Preview when entering event in wp-admin (single event) You will get a preview of the event in the calendar in the wp-admin.   Support for Recurring Events Easily add recurring events: every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, every year, and if you select More Options you can choose to repeat events multiple times the same day, hour. You can also choose between settings like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or last.   Support for Arbitrary Recurring Events and Recurring Events with Exceptions With the release of Calendarize it! for WordPress version 1.2 it is now possible to create Arbitrary Recurring Events easily. First you create your recurring event and then you can repeat it when ever you want, including changing the time of the day when it repeats. You can also create Recurring Events and then easily remove specific dates (exceptions).   Show Individual Calendars per user in WordPress You can easily display calendars for individual users in WordPress simply by adding a Shortcode with the username. You can also display events from multiple users by adding the id number of the user instead of the username.   Advanced Filtering (Custom Taxonomies) Calendarize it! for WordPress supports Custom Taxonomies and by using these you can apply advanced filtering when viewing the Calendar in the front end. By default all events will be showing unless you have inserted a Shortcode with filtering. Click on a Custom Taxonomy and click “Apply filters”. You can add the filters in any combination. And click “Show All” in order to remove all filters.   Sidebar Widget for Mini Events Calendar Insert a Mini Events Calendar widget in your sidebar. Apply advanced filtering with Custom Taxonomies. Choose between different jQuery UI skins.   Sidebar Widget for Upcoming Events Insert a Upcoming Events widget in your sidebar. Apply advanced filtering with Custom Taxonomies.   Event List per day, per week, monthly Switch directly from either Monthly, Weekly or Daily view to “event” and view all events from the Month, the Week or the Day.   Support for Custom Fields for Events When creating your event you can easily add Custom Fields. Choose between three different types of Custom Fields: Custom, Taxonomy or Metadata.   Create and Manage Venues, Organizers and Calendars (Custom Taxonomies) Assign events to specific Calendars, Organizers and Venues. Create detailed Venue page.   Support for Shortcodes We have created 8 different Shortcodes that you can use with Calendarize it! From a very Shortcode to insert the calendar to more advanced Shortcodes that allow you to apply different filters.   Support for Custom Post Types You can activate Calendarize it! for Custom Post Types including Posts and Pages. This means you can make these show as “events” in the calendar.   Support for Custom Capabilities With Custom Capabilities you can customize who has access to the different features. Please notice that you need a Role and Capability Manager in order to use the Custom Capabilities. You can either use our White Label Branding for WordPress, which has a build in Role and Capability Manager, or try one of the free plugins available on the internet.   Customize Time and Date format We have implemented comprehensive support for customizing the Time and Date format. You can completely customize the Time and Date format for the following views: month, week, day and event list. This also includes setting 12 hour or 24 hour time format .   Support for Events by User Role If you have our Pages by User Role for WordPress plugin you will able to set the access to each event by User Role. You can either provide access or block specific user roles. This makes it possible to show one calendar, but depending on the visitors user role they will see different events in the calendar.   Detailed Event Page Each event has a detailed Event Page where you can add information.   Detailed Venue Page Each event has a detailed Venue Page where you can add information about the venue. Below the venue information we will display any upcoming events from the venue.   Google Map integration for Events and Venues Both the Event Page and Venue Page supports Google Maps.   Support for internationalization Calendarize it! for WordPress comply with the Codex for internationalization. This is a process of making an application ready for translation. In WordPress this means making strings which should be translated in a special way. If you have our Easy Translation Manager for WordPress you can easily translate Calendarize it! for WordPress. The following language versions are included with the plugin: English French Spanish Italian Changelog Version – July 9, 2015 Bug Fixed: When attribute “showothermonth” or the feature is enabled in the Options Panel, sometimes old events show in the Events Grid View. Bug Fixed: FLAT UI Calendar Widget showing last day of multi-day event, but it should only be showing the starting date Bug Fixed: In certain conditions the event list is showing empty date labels (no events) Bug Fixed: Events Map View the sidelist was empty when loading map, when the list is large. Only appeared when resizing the screen. Update: Adding Social Connection styling to main plugin Update: Changed event post type to NOT be hierarchical by default and added an option to make it hierarchical. This parameter was crashing the backend on sites with very large data sets. Version – May 15, 2015 New Feature: Added attribute tax_filter_multiple. By default the value is “1”. If set to “0” in Taxonomy drop down filters, only one value can be selected, not multiple. Bug Fixed: When using a translated version of Calendarize it!, and switching from Month View to Event List, the month is not showing the correct language. Update: Repack Javascript and CSS Version: – May 6, 2015 Bug Fixed: Misspelled label: Set Featured Image – updated language .po files Bug Fixed: Tooltip on hover and close tooltip on title leave options are not working on Firefox. Bug Fixed: Some themes pagination are broken when Calendarize it! is active (get_queried_object before template_redirect causes a canonical redirect) Bug Fixed: In the Upcoming Events Widget, when using server side, when using date range, the range is not correctly rendered Bug Fixed: An dialog not styled is rendering before the calendar and hiding when page is ready New Feature: Added option to hide time in Month View either by shortcode attribute “month_hide_time” or by setting in Options New Feature: Added option to show details in FLAT UI Calendar Widget with attribute “widget_autohover” and “widget_autoclick” Version – May 4, 2015 Bug Fixed: Misspelled label: Set Featured Image – updated language .po files Bug Fixed: Tooltip on hover and close tooltip on title leave options are not working on Firefox Version – April 24, 2015 Update: Move the option to enable External Event Sources feeds in Taxonomies to the Event Sources tab in Options. Improvement: Replaced add_query_arg() due to an XSS vulnerability issue that affects many WordPress plugins and themes. Please observe that before the function could be accessed the user had to be an Administrator, meaning that the potential issue was not available to the public. Version – April 23, 2015 Update: Improved Calendarize it! Month View Print CSS Update: Added info related to Event Tempalte integration to debug screen Bug Fixed: If the post_type attribute is not specifically set for the rhc_source and feed=“” is used, the External Event Sources taxonomies are not displayed on some sites. Bug Fixed: When using Events Map View upcoming only by end date, events that started before the view date are not showing. Bug Fixed: Removed some PHP warnings showing when using taxonomy label translation add-on. Compatibility Fix: Partial compatibility fix for qTranslate plugin. The qTranslate slug plugin is also needed. Compatibility Fix: Allow the Taxonomy page image to fallback to the Term Thumbnail image (provided by third party plugin Term Thumbnail). New Feature: Added code to allow Taxonomy meta data to the Upcoming Events Widget template. For example, adding an HTML tag with class taxonomy-venue-city, will put the venue city meta inside the tag, wrapped with a span tag. New Feature: Added option to enable author_name field in the Upcoming Events Widget New Feature: Added option to show External Event Sources in Taxonomy pages. Until now Taxonomy pages were hardcoded to only show local events. New Feature: Added option to Troubleshooting tab to disable the author drop down in the Upcoming Events Widget. It will show a text field instead. This is useful for sites that have too many users to display in the widget settings page. New Feature: Added rel=“nofollow” to share button, so that the ical feed does not get indexed by Google search engine robots. Version – April 6, 2015 New Feature: Added attribute allday_group which takes values “color” or “order”. It will group all day events in the same day by color or by menu_order field from the edit Event screen (Attributes meatball). New Feature: Added the allday_group attribute to the Calendarize shortcode tab under the Options menu New Feature: Option to disable the image in the tooltip. Also works with the shortcode attribute “tooltip_image”, which takes the values “1” or “0”. Update: Rescan sources and updated the language files with latest strings (wp-content/plugins/calendarize-it/languages/) Bug Fixed: Do not enable the Events post type archive since there is no defined template for this Bug Fixed: When a recurring event is limited with end date, events recurring in the end date are not included Bug Fixed: Javascript error when disable force browser cache set to yes Bug Fixed: In Upcoming Events Widget, using server load method, when using word count 0 it is displaying full description when it show none. Bug Fixed: In Upcoming Events Widget, using server load method, the .rhc-event-link class, the href attribute is not set with the URL like the ajax load method Version – March 24, 2015 New Feature: Added option to disable Taxonomies in the backend Event List. Some sites report very slow loading times in the backend Event List. New Feature: Added support for new shortcode attribute “showothermonth” which takes values “1” or “0” and allows to render or not render events in Month View in dates that are not in the current month. Also added the feature in the Options panel. Bug Fixed: Number of weeks in the Month View was incorrectly calculated. Options was passing a string, where the javascript expected an integer. Bug Fixed: When using Preload data, a calendar with External Event Sources would cause a javascript error when switching to Event List View. Bug Fixed: Organizational Microdata had an extra http:// Bug Fixed: When feed attribute is set to “1” , only show Taxonomies associated to External Event Sources in the Taxonomy Filter dropdown (requires Taxonomy Filter add-on). Bug Fixed: In Upcoming Events Widget, with Server load method the data and time format is ignored Bug Fixed: Custom Taxonomies with underscore in the slug, in Events Map View, where not transferred from the non-fullscreen view drop down filter to the fullscreen drop down filter bar. Update: Preload Data off by default (Troubleshooting feature) Update: Added an option that will avoid trimming the day names in the UI calendar widget. Version – March 14, 2015 New Feature: Option to set “Event List View” date title format New Feature: Allow setting a Details Box date format per event (This is useful when you want to have a different date format for different languages) Bug Fixed: supe is missing the “first date in range” premiere option. Bug Fixed: Implemented premiere “first date in range” in Server side Upcoming Events Widget Bug Fixed: Details Box not showing in Grid View when preload data is active (requires Event Grid View add-on) Bug Fixed: Remove php warning in iCal feed Bug Fixed: When using Microdata and load Server in Upcoming Events Widget, the default template is displaying garbage date Bug Fixed: Server side render is not displaying the same layout as Ajax Bug Fixed: Upcoming Events Widget overlapping the Server side Upcoming Events Widget Version: – March 12, 2015 Update: Added a modification to post_info shortcode so that the new Upcoming Events shortcode can make use of it in its template. Added a Widget template that mimics the Event List View Update: Added filter and modifications so that the External Event Sources can also preload events from External feeds Update: Added javascript for handing preloaded External Event Sources New Feature: Allow preloading (Server side) the first set of data in a calendar view. If events are loading slow you can disable this feature in the Troubleshooting tab (Events Ajax Preload Data). You can also add an attribute to the shortcode, which overrules the default setting (preload=“0” or preload=“1”) New Feature: Allow preloading (Server side) of Upcoming Events Widget New Feature: Added the auto word, premiere and feed attributes for static events Compatibility Fix: When using the Taxonomy Filter add-on drop-downs force the same Taxonomies in the fullscreen view of the Events Map View Bug Fixed: ics feed not showing recurring events when preloading Bug Fixed: Tooltip start time not reflecting the actual event time Bug Fixed: CSS conflict in Month View for mobile devices Bug Fixed: Avoid loading cached events multiple times when using multiple instances of calendars Bug Fixed: When show image is selected in the Upcoming Events Widget with Server side loading the image was not showing Bug Fixed: Added a filter clause to allow the WordPress get_term method to return terms from a specific post type, so that the Taxonomy Filter add-on drop-downs does not show terms from post types that are not listed in the calendar. Version – February 25, 2015 Compatibility Fix: Prevent WP Super Cache from breaking the Calendar Ajax Bug Fixed: When Custom Taxonomy Filters are used in the minimized Map View, the fullscreen Map Filters disappear. Bug Fixed: Venue Details Page is showing http:// even though the field is empty. If the field is empty nothing should be shown New Feature: Added new values for the gotodate attribute: next_week, previous_week, next_month, previous_month. Also supports adding integer numbers 1, 2, 3 etc. New Feature: Added new attribute local_tz with integer value 1. Add this to the Calendarize it! shortcode and the visitor will see events in their local time zone. This is very useful when you have a calendar with online seminar/conference calls etc. Version – February 23, 2015 Bug Fixed: iCal ics file, empty lines are not supported by all applications Bug Fixed: iCal ics file, skipping events that do not have the event start field defined, as many applications will break Bug Fixed: iCal, Google will not parse Calendarize it! iCal feed when using “Add URL” Bug Fixed: iCal, foreign characters not showing when using “Add URL” on Google Calendar Bug Fixed: Current iCal code validated 100 out of 100 on a couple of online validators Bug Fixed: When clicking on a recurring event in Upcoming Events Widget, it was not linking to the Event Details Page. Bug Fixed: Too much margin is breaking 2 columns in the rhc_color_key shortcode of the Event Color by Taxonomy add-on. Compatibility Fix: Divi Theme. Event Details Page showing sidebar event when template page is set to NO sidebar. Update: Added wp_options row count to the debug screen Update: When assigning multiple Taxonomies (Venues and Organizers) to an event they should be displayed on individual line in Event Details Box. Update: Added Access-Control-Allow-Headers to try allow calendar in an iframe Update: Added event_skip shortcode argument. When defined and used in the event list it will not render the amount of events defined in the argument. Update: Repack javascript. Trim past weeks not evaluated correctly in the minified version of the javascript. New Feature: Added option in Troubleshooting tab to load un-minified javascript New Feature: Hiding Other Months on mobile Version – February 6, 2015 Bug Fixed: Update notification not showing on some websites Bug Fixed: When choosing “Disable Event Link”, upcoming event links are opening an empty page Improvement: Instead of going to update-core.php directly attempt a plugin update when clicking on update now. Compatibility Fix: Bridge and Bridge Child WordPress theme (Themeforest) not showing the title in the Event Details Page New Feature: New arguments norepeat and grid_norepeat. Use case: Avoid repeating recurring events in Grid View, but preserving them in other views use grid_norepeat=“1”. Apply to all views use norepeat=“1” Update: When using Taxonomy Filter drop down navigation set background to transparent Version – January 30, 2015 Bug Fixed: PHP warning in Tooltip (Month View) Bug Fixed: When the Taxonomy page does not have the protocol, the Taxonomy page generates the URL incorrectly (appends the sites own domain in front) Bug Fixed: When using the week mode fixed the events sometimes would not render in the last days of the month Bug Fixed: When the Tooltip hover action is enabled, hide the tooltip when the mouse leave the tooltip Bug Fixed: PHP warning when saving meta data Version – January 24, 2015 Update: Removed fixed height on Event Page Top Image Update: Make General Settings tab load first in the Options menu New Feature: Add a filter to allow to give values to fc_color, fc_text, fc_link and fc_link_target New Feature: Provide an optional website name to use instead of the link to show as link instead of the URL for long URLs that break the layout (Event Details Box and Venue Details Box) New Feature: Added loading animations and update notification to download section Bug Fixed: Latest changes where not replacing tags when empty Bug Fixed: PHP warning when used with Easy Translation Manager for WordPress Version – January 13, 2015 Bug Fixed: Remove PHP warnings related to deleting cache Bug Fixed: When the URL is empty in a recurring event the first event correctly renders the title without a link, but the recurring instances are rendering with a link to an empty URL Bug Fixed: When using Taxonomy Filter add-on (dropdown filters) and Grid View add-on, the filter is loading events too far in the future, sometimes the first use of the filter doesn’t work, but a second attempt loads events. Bug Fixed: Upcoming Events are not catching translated values Bug Fixed: Remove some microdata related to PHP warnings Update: Added missing strings to localization (translation) Update: Change z-index value on Tooltip in Month View, as some themes hide it behind the calendar. New Feature: Option to add rel=nofollow on the Venue website link New Feature: When the nofollow option is set on Venue, also apply the nofollow to the dynamic custom fields New Feature: Option to add rel=nofollow to the Organizer taxonomy Update: Repack Javascript for release Update: Repack CSS for release Version – December 29, 2014 Bug Fixed: Avoid some PHP warning related to file caching Bug Fixed: When using quick edit the cache is not cleared Bug Fixed: Google Map not showing on Venue page Bug Fixed: In the Map drop down filter the address is showing instead of the name of the Venue Bug Fixed: Options Panel crashing (internal 500) on ISS Bug Fixed: The Calendar Widget is not coloring multiple day events, only the first day Compatibility Fix: wp-views plugin breaks the admin menu layout when creating a new event Update: Undo loading gmap3 with the regular JS, that is not needed on other pages Update: Styling for Taxonomy drop downs New Feature: Add support for the nofollow field New Feature: Added a troubleshooting option to fix events that cannot be deleted or edited by admin after upgrading to WordPress 4.1 Version – December 10, 2014 Compatibility Fix: Some sites have SHORTINIT defined and are not installing the rhc capabilities, causing users not to be able to access the Options menu Bug Fixed: When switching from month to week or day, the view is set to the first day of the month, where it should load the window range that contains todays date Bug Fixed: Calendar crashing when using version 1 of the theme integration Update: Report a greater Option Panel version (do not show Coupon field for free add-ons) Update: Adjusted Font size for FLAT UI Calendar Widget New Feature: Added support for triggering tooltip at mouse over in Month View (Calendarize Shortcode tab under Tooltip Behavior) New Feature: Added tooltip_on_hover argument for Calendarize it! shortcode to manually enable on hover behavior Version – December 4, 2014 Bug Fixed: Styles not loaded on single Event Details Page when scripts on demand is active Bug Fixed: Filter drop downs in wp-admin was out of position Bug Fixed: Order drop down filter alphabetically for event list in wp-admin New Feature: Added support for schema.org (structured data interoperability) to Event Details Page, Venue Details Page and Organizer (name, startDate, endDate, location, address, geo, telephone, url, image, hasMap) New Feature: Added support for schema.org (structured data interoperability) to list of events rendered noscript with Calendar. New Feature: Added support for the Term Thumbnail plugin to Venues, Organizers, Calendars and any Custom Taxonomy created with Capabilities and Taxonomies add-on. New Feature: Term Thumbnail image will be used if image is not set in Taxonomy (Venues) Version – November 27, 2014 Bug Fixed: Date picker not styled in Upcoming Events Widget wp-admin Bug Fixed: If a date end is for some reason not set update crashes Bug Fixed: PHP crashing when date fields has NaN values Bug Fixed: Avoid a Javascript error on null Google feed description Bug Fixed: No Events message showing when applying filter. Update: Handle the Ajax earlier in WordPress to avoid processing hooks that will not be used Update: Options Panel Horizontal Tabs (WordPress style) Update: Taxonomy Links ON by default (General Settings tab) New Feature: Client side caching. File caching in an effort to improve event delivery speed New Feature: Modified Ajax calls to pass a value for file caching. Enabled file caching for all Ajax calls. Added setting for filling the .htaccess values for file caching (Events Cache tab) New Feature: Added a Clear Cache Button (Events Cache tab) New Feature: Added option to load Scripts and Styles on demand (General Settings tab)New Feature: Added the rhc_timetable class for showing the title in the next line in the tooltip. This is only applicable when using the rhc_timetable class in the shortcode. New Feature: Added a style for the next_upcoming time meta New Feature: Added Coupon Code field in wp-admin Shop Compatibility Fix: Replace all post_info shortcodes with rhc_post_info shortcodes. If post_info was used in a custom template or post, it will now need to be changed to rhc_post_info Version – November 13, 2013 Bug Fixed: Events that do not start or end in the window range are left out Bug Fixed: On update some sites wp-admin are crashing because the site contains invalid event start or end Bug Fixed: Some unidentified javascript library is overwriting Calendarize it! in_array javascript function and causing an infinite loop, breaking or slowing down the calendar rendering New Feature: Added troubleshooting option to clear all events and custom post type background color and text color New Feature: Added Organizer to iCal feed Compatibility Fix: Some unidentified plugin or theme is taking over the post_info shortcode tag Update: Moved the Taxonomies are links to the General Settings tab Update: Updated the reported Options Panel to 2.7.2 Version – November 3, 2014 New Feature: Implementing a new server side RECURR library, which should provide faster events loading, and also opening for the possibility for rendering static widgets that contain recurring events properly. New Feature: Implement settings for External Event Sources caching response New Feature: Added support for Taxonomy Filter drop down (requires add-on) Update: If PHP 5.3 requirement is not met, fallback to prevent previous Ajax version Update: Added option to reinstall and generate recur data Update: Render a list of events in noscript tag for visitors browsing without javascript (Improvement for SEO) Update: Added rhc_noscript filter to allow the External Event Sources to hook into the noscript tag and add External Event Source links Bug Fixed: In Upcoming Events Widget, clicking on image or titles does not match the same link target Bug Fixed: Missing argument in a filter needed for Community Events (requires add-on) Version – October 23, 2014 Compatibility Fix: A plugin is preventing Calendarize it! from saving Meta fields data Update: Added troubleshooting menu_position for changing the Calendarize it! menu position to solve conflicts where other plugins overwrite the Calendarize it! menu position. Update: Added a trigger viewLeave for a grid view fix Bug Fix: Add charset to events Ajax call, to try prevent a network error on IE and certain hosts Bug Fix: Past day setup is not showing yesterdays events Bug Fix: Upcoming Events with a range date was showing a dash when it should not Bug Fix: When using the Calendar filter, reset the view to the starting date Bug Fix: $.ajax is not working like $.post and several random issues were caused by this change. Grid not showing details, events not loaded etc. Bug Fix: Missing text domains for Internationalization Bug Fix: Event List arrows not working on a non-stacking setting Bug Fix: When a lot of filters have been chosen the container doesn’t expand Version – October 15, 2014 New Feature: Added shortcode argument eventlistpastdays, which allows to set an event list for example 180 days in the past from current date Compatibility Fix: Ajax based themes. Added a functionality to the visibility check option, so it also tests for Ajax loaded calendars that are missing to be inited. Bug Fixed: Added unique CSS selectors to FLAT UI Calendar Widget to avoid conflicts with other CSS Version – October 12, 2014 Bug Fixed: When the Excerpt is inserted in the Custom Fields for Details Box it doesn’t render in the single Event Details Box or Event List Version – October 3, 2014 Bug Fixed: Empty Taxonomy meta are leaving empty space in the wp-admin layout builder for Event Details, Venue Details etc. Bug Fixed: When selecting some checkboxes in the filter, but then clicking the Apply All button, the selected boxes disappear Bug Fixed: When applying a filter, Event Grid View boxes does not render any meta-data (requires Event Grid View add-on) Bug Fixed: In the Upcoming Events Widget, all day events are hiding the date portion where it should only hide the time container Bug Fixed: Line height adjusted in CSS for details boxes (affected by last update) Bug Fixed: Navigation buttons not properly aligned in mobile view Bug Fixed: The day name when clicking on the FLAT UI Calendar Widget always show Saturday Version – September 24, 2014 Bug Fixed: Do not show comma when an empty taxonomy field is shown on the detail box, when multiple terms are checked for that event and one term meta is empty. Bug Fixed: On Event List View, when not using stacking, and clicking back arrow it is jumping to the first day of the month or just not doing anything at all. New Feature: Render External Sources optional Google Map into the Venue link (requires External Event Sources add-on) Update: Javascript minified for release. Version – September 23, 2014 Compatibility Fix: Rollback a theme compatibility fix to its original state, and add a internal fix so that only certain themes the change will apply. Compatibility Fix: Bootstrap fix for icons Bug Fixed: Horizontal Options tabs not working on Firefox and mobile browsers Bug Fixed: Some themes are breaking the Custom Fields Metabox in the wp-admin Bug Fixed: On certain conditions, the year filter is added to the calendar and a javascript is returned when loading a page with the calendar button Bug Fixed: Multiple Organizers in the Event List are rendered without spacing For full Change log please visit our website

Created 25 June 12
Last Update 11 July 15
High Resolution Yes
Compatible Browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
Software Version WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6
Tags arbitrary events, calendar, events calendar, google map, paid events, Ratings and Reviews, recurring events, responsive layouts, rsvp, Submit events public, wordpress calendar plugin

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