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WordPress versions 4 and later PHP v.5.2 or greater; MySQL v.5.0.15 or greater Most JavaScript enabled Browsers will make them work without issues. Admin Area Customize login page Customize theme Roles switching Branding Remove “— WordPress” from title – suffix will be deleted from admin page title “WordPress” rename – rename globally all words to your own CMS name Appearance Big menu logo – add big logo on top of side menu Favicon for admin area Change link, button and icon colors Admin bar logo button Button with logo to start of admin bar.li> Use site or any url Sub-menu with any links or pages Admin Footer Message Use logo with link to any url Hide default link and text Use any HTML code Remove “Screen Options” panel – contextual options panels will be deleted in all pages Remove “Help” panel – contextual help panels will be deleted in all pages Email Change from email address and name – will be used for all sended emails Theme Smooth scroll in Chrome Enable fast click on Touch-devices Load jQuery from CDN jQuery CDN (provided by MaxCDN) Google CDN Remove version parameter from css/js files <HEAD> Cleanup Remove wlwmanifest – used in Windows Live Writer client Remove the prev and next post link Remove shortlink for the page Remove canonical link for the page Favicon & Logos Set favicon Apple Devices Logos – iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone Retina, iPhone, iPad, iPad Retina Windows Pinned site Application name Set background color for a live tile Tile image Navigation button color Set small, medium, wide, lange image tiles Search Search off – if you are using Google Search you can turn off default search Redirect to single result Pretty url Search by title only Define number of posts per result page Blog Automatically email contributor when their post is published Show empty categories – need this if you wanna group categories in empty category Categories include/exclude Tags include/exclude Content Protection Obfuscate Email Disable text selection Disable right-click Disable image dragging Disable PrintScreen button Security Remove WordPress generator tag Custom “generator” META-tag Add nosniff header Add xss protection header Prevent embedding inside an iframe Expire Protected Page Cookie Disable file editing in admin area Remove Really Simple Discovery tag – used by different desktop and online blog clients Disable Pingbacks reCaptcha 2 Protect Login page Protect Registration page Protect commenting form Dark and light themes Comments Strip all tags Remove all urls Disable “make_clickable” function Disable “wptexturize” function Check comment minimal length Enable comments auto-closing Show close comments notify text Open external comment links in new window – adds target=”_blank” Remove form url field Allow anonymous comments Convert Twitter name to links in comments Content Open external post links in new window – adds target=”_blank” Make content urls clickable Convert Twitter name to links in content Disable content “wpautop” function Disable content “wptexturize” function Custom After Post code Admin Area Block admin page for subscriber Enable links manager Set default page editor – which editor will be loaded on edit page by default Enable additional TinyMCE buttons Different status colors – pages will be highlighted in list by different colors Disable import tool – will be totally disabled and link Tools > Import hidden Disable export tool – will be totally disabled and link Tools > Export hidden Admin Bar Show on hover – hidden by default and shows on hover Totally hide on site Hide on site only for subscriber Remove WordPress Logo button Remove default buttons Add “Log Out” button Replace “Howdy” text Add Custom menu Dashboard Hide widgets Hide “Welcome to WordPress!” widget Hide dashboard Set dashboard to 1 column layout Add custom widget with title and text with shortcode support Menu Add “Menus” to root level Hide all menus and sub-menus Media Rename files on upload – no original, names like ‘8d632bc0208111d6d8a435c210754eea.gif’ will be used Set JPEG Quality Enable SVG files support Allow contributor upload files In content Remove links around images Remove tags from around images Remove width & height attributes Public Attachment Page Disable attachment pages Disable comments Themes control Disable installation Disable switching Disable deletion Disable customizing Disable theme editor Plugins control Disable installation Disable activation/deactivation Disable deletion Add fast access “Upload” link to sub menu Disable theme editor Hide installed plugins in list Widgets Enable shortcodes in Text Widgets Hide/unregister widgets Users control Disable list users Disable creation new Hide “Admin Color Scheme” selection Posts and pages Disable revisions Limit minimum post word count Add thumbnail column in list Remove short words from slug – words less 3 chars will be removed from url slug Custom notice in editing page – add custom notice panel with title and text in editing page Disable auto-save Disable TinyMCE editor Disable tag auto-complete for posts editing page Login & Registration Enable login with Email Custom Login Error message Add Login Form Message Always check “Remember Me” by default Log In required to see site Redirect subscribers to home page after login Registration No new user email to admin No password change notification Auto-Login after registration Redirect to special page after registration Appearance Custom logo image with size and paddings No Shake Login Form Change button & links color Background image with cover of repeat modes Transparent style Hide “Back to blog” link Updates Disable WordPress Updates Hide update message in footer Hide “Updates” element menu Core update Auto Installation mode Disable Theme Updates Disable Plugins Updates Urls Change url of author to user Set special author link page SEO Add meta copyright Add Google Analytics code RSS & Feeds Turn off feeds Remove the standard feed links from &lthead> Add featured images Custom head and footer for Rss Maintenance Mode Define logo, message and background image(cover or repeat modes) Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl+. L – Pages list Ctrl+. N – New page Ctrl+, L – Posts list Ctrl+, N – New post Ctrl+, C – Post categories list Ctrl+, T – Post tags list Ctrl+S – Publish action Ctrl+Shift+S – Save action Ctrl+Q – Preview action Ctrl+M – Menus Ctrl+Shift+M – Menus on new window Ctrl+Y L – Users Ctrl+Y N – New user Ctrl+B – Comments Ctrl+i P – Plugin install page Ctrl+i T – Theme install page Ctrl+i U – Plugin upload page Ctrl+i Y – Theme upload page Ctrl+Shift+L – Logout Visual Composer Close windows on Esc hotkey Save element on Ctrl+Enter Open editing window on icon click Hide “VC: Custom Teaser” metabox Hide/unregister elements Disable frontend editor WooCommerce Redirect to checkout after adding to cart Remove WooCommerce generator tag Remove feed Remove ordering combo Change “Out of stock” message Enable “Already in cart” button text Change “Description” tab text Change “Shop” title Hide default tabs on product page Set number of products displayed per page Automatically complete orders Duplicator tool Add duplicate action in page/post list, special metabox Copy taxonomies on duplicate option Copy meta on duplicate option Fast Translate tool Translate admin area or site words which processed via special functions(__(),_e() and etc.) Diagnostics Show generation time – number of SQL requests, generation time and memory consumption will be shown for all pages Common Hide Ultimate Tweaker in menus and save access via special link Set special Not Found(error 404) page Import/Export between sites 1.3.5 – March 15, 2015 + HTML code minifier (theme_minify_html) + Remove html comments + Relative urls in html + Login & Registration: Background color (login_bg_color) + Login & Registration: Default login (login_default_login) + Login & Registration: Default password (login_default_pass) + Tweak: Hide left panel entirely (admin_no_menu) + Maintenance fast switch: button in toolbar * Duplicator fix 1.3.4 – March 13, 2015 + Visual Composer Element Template plugin added + Maintenance: title renaming + Maintenance: page background color added * Admin Menu hiding fixed 1.3.3 – March 12, 2015 + Admin Background fixed mode + Admin Background repeat mode * Widget hiding fix 1.3.2 + Menu Layout & Menu Background modes in Admin area + Show Admin Bar on hover in Admin area 1.3.1 + Admin flat template (no shadows) + Admin background image and color * Admin: Switcher design improvements for IE and Firefox 1.3.0 – March 11, 2015 + New light-weight and fast admin panel + Auto-save in admin panel + New role filter: “All visitors” + Tweak: Heartbeat controlling and frequency define + Tweak: Hide Meta boxes for Custom pages (admin_metabox_hide) + Tweak: Remove Visual Composer meta tag in head (visual_composer_remove_meta) + URL for media field * Notice after reset * Added Ultimate Tweaker Settings hotkey * Visual Composer hotkeys improvements 1.2.2 – March 5, 2015 + Clean up: Remove recent comments widget styles (theme_no_recent_comment_style) + Clean up: Clean style tag (theme_clean_style) + Clean up: Clean script tag (theme_clean_script) * Improvement login bg 1.2.1 * Menu editor improvement 1.2.0 – March 4, 2015 + New Role Manager added + Added Status code 503 for Maintenance mode + Keep logged in for 1 year (login_extend_auto_logout_period) + Active plugins first in list (admin_plugins_active_first) + Show UT admin only by url tweak (settings_enable_key) + Sharpen resized images (media_sharpen) + Hide all admin menu icons (admin_no_icons) + Disable admin menu collapse (admin_no_collapse) + Add Spam & Delete links on Front Page (comment_front_spam_links) + Remove “WordPress” to “WordPress” filter (comment_no_capital_p_dangit) + Smooth-Scroll for admin area (admin_smooth_scroll) + Deactivation hook by url parameter * Different small fixes 1.1.4 * Duplicator fix 1.1.3 – March 2, 2015 + Ultimate Tweaker Administrator role + Plugin hiding 1.1.2 + Zoom admin page tweak * Small fixes 1.1.1 * Fixed error with (admin_plugins_disable_delete) tweak 1.1 – March 1, 2015 + Role switching added + Lazy Loading * Keyboars hotkey help / css improved * admin_subscriber_block => admin_block + Hide users in list (admin_users_hide) + Menus widget hiding (admin_menu_meta_hide) + Exception users (UT is turned off) + Hide all notices(admin_no_notice) + Add Author combo box in Publish (admin_post_author_to_publish) +3 Disable dashboard widgets dragging, collapsing, force open +3 Disable posts widgets dragging, collapsing, force open * Small fixes 1.0.3 – Feburary 27, 2015 * Desctiption improvements 1.0.2 – Feburary 26, 2015 * Release changes 1.0.0 – Feburary 25, 2015 * Initial

Created 26 February 15
Last Update 26 March 15
High Resolution Yes
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP
Software Version WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0
Tags branding, custom login, hasks, login page, security, tools, tweaks, visual composer, white label, woocommerce, wordpress admin

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Price: $19

Category: Wordpress

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