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BNE Flyouts is a premium WordPress plugin that adds hidden off-canvas content that is displayed by pushing or sliding over your page content. Flyouts or “panels” can display any type of content such as contact forms, social links, testimonials, images, social feeds, display banners, custom menus, biography, or even custom data using a shortcode you’ve created elsewhere. The possibilities are endless! Unlimited Flyouts From Any Side Flyout Triggers and panels can be placed on all four sides of the browser window. You can create as many as you want. The Triggers, floating buttons and images, can be hidden based on screen size or not shown at all. You can also call a Flyout using the provided classnames on any element with your page content area such as a theme button, link, image, etc. Slide or Push to Show Each Flyout can be shown either by “Pushing” the page content or by “Sliding” over it from any side. Use what is best for your theme design or style. Set the Size for Each Flyout You can set the size of each Flyout — width for Left and Right, height for Top and Bottom. Worried about it being too large on mobile? Don’t worry, if the size is larger than the screen, it will automatically go to a max-width/height of 100%. Style each Flyout Individually Make each Flyout unique and styled to your website design or personality. You can style the background with a solid color or image, including adjusting the font colors. Trigger From Anywhere Each Flyout has a unique classname allowing you to use any element on your website as a trigger. This could be a mobile nav button, image, theme button, text link, or even a menu link. All you need to do is include the classname on your element. Features Add any type of content, HTML, text, images, iframe, Google Maps, and most shortcodes. Display Custom Menus that you have created from Appearance > Menu Hide Flyout trigger buttons/images based on screen sizes (mobile, tablet, desktop). Automatic Updates from the WordPress Dashboard. Support We will answer basic support questions on CodeCanyon. If you have any issues with running Flyouts on your website, please contact us. We cannot guarantee that there will not be any conflicts with themes or other plugins; however, we will do our best to help you solve any issues. Download includes a pdf support document and online documentation is always available at support.bnecreative.com. Plugin Requirements WordPress Version: 3.8+ Your theme must provide wp_head() and wp_footer() hooks. These are usually found in header.php and footer.php respectively. Browser Support: IE 9+, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox. (Will work in IE8; however, button labels will not rotate against the edge of the browser window as it uses CSS3 Transforms. Changelog You can update BNE Flyouts automatically from your WP Dashboard. = 1.2.9 ( Aug 19, 2015 ) = * Fix: WordPress v4.3 support and compatibility. = 1.2.8 ( July 21, 2015 ) = – Fix: Image Triggers will now include alt meta information. – Fix: In certain cases, inline CSS styles were being removed from the HTML tag when a flyout closes. – New: If using a custom menu and content within a Flyout, you can now specify the order they appear. = ( April 24, 2015 ) = – Enhancement: Security – Add additional sanitization/escape checks on output. This is just a precaution due to recent outbreaks with other plugins/themes regarding the XSS Vulnerability. – Update: ACF to v5.2.3 = 1.2.7 ( April 20, 2015 ) = – Fix/Enhancement: Removed forced “display:none” on the flyout and visibility check within sidr.js and css on page load. This allows iframes and Google Maps to display properly after the Flyout opens. This is still experimental… – New: Allow trigger positions to use em, px, or % units. If no unit type is specified it will default to %. This field is also a textfield and no longer numeric only. Therefore, you can now specify: 40px, 300px, 2%, 4em, etc. = 1.2.6 ( March 21, 2015 ) = – Fix: Flyouts not opening on Windows 8 devices that are touch enabled which can also use a mouse. = 1.2.5 ( March 12, 2015 ) = – Fix: Match trigger image output max-width to 200px as it is defined in the trigger settings tab. – Fix: Compatibility fix with ACF v5.2.1 – Tweak: Changed Step value for trigger position from 10 to 1 in the trigger settings tab. Some users reported not being able to save with non-10 step values. – Note: Update branding from Bluenotes Entertainment to BNE Creative ( Why? http://www.bnecreative.com/blog/introducing-bne-creative/ ) = 1.2.4 ( January 25, 2015 ) = – New: Add option to restrict which pages the Flyout will be displayed on. This option is found under the Flyout Settings tab for each one. – New: Now Localization Ready! – Fix: CSS Bug with Chrome on Windows where the trigger buttons would jump around randomly while scrolling. = 1.2.3 ( December 13, 2014 ) = – Replaced auto-update script from AutoHosted to WP-Updates = 1.2.2 ( December 9, 2014 ) = – Fix: Adjust CSS output to account the size of the flyout while off screen. This should fix the slight delay between moving the page body and the flyout appearing for some users. – Update to ACF 5.1.4 = 1.2.1 ( November 27, 2014 ) = – Fix: Adjust the logic for browser scrolling when a Flyout is active and not. This also helps correct an issue with certain themes that use animations on elements. – New: When a Flyout is opening, Triggers will fade out. = 1.2 ( November 21, 2014 ) = – Fix: Removed duplicated CSS class ID for trigger images. – New: Add overlay to body when Flyout is open giving a shading effect. – New: Allow Flyouts to be closed by clicking anywhere on the body, hence the added overlay. – New: Added new locations for Flyouts and Triggers. Now they can be positioned on all four sides! Top, Right, Bottom, and Left. – New: Added option to include a custom menu within the Flyout. This menu will be displayed below the Flyout content if also added. – New: Added two action hooks for developers: 1) bne_flyout_content_before() – Adds custom content to the top of the flyout. 2) bne_flyout_content_after() – Adds custom content to the bottom of the flyout. – Tweak: Moved the Flyout admin menu icon into register_post_type() — no need to further add additional CSS to the admin head. – Tweak: Adjusted the Flyout width setting. Reworded to also apply to height for top and bottom locations. – Tweak: Close and Edit button css. – Tweak: Cleaned and further optimized CSS. – Tweak: Cleaned and further optimized JS. – Tweak: Defined the break points for the trigger visibility options on the edit screen. – Updated to ACF5. = 1.1.2 ( August 18, 2014 ) = – Bug Fix: If using the slide displacement option, the utility classes: “sidr-open” and “flyout-content-id-{…}-open” were not being added to the body. = 1.1.1 ( August 7, 2014 ) = – Removed a conflict if another plugin is also using the font family “fontello”. – Added compatibility for the BNE WordPress Theme Framework v1.0 – Moved loading ACF to be called with the “after_setup_theme” hook. This allows the plugin to be activated if a theme already has ACF internally included such as the new ACFPro (v5). = v1.1 (June 13, 2014) = – New: Added option to have Flyouts slide over the page content or push content (default). = v1.0.1 (June 5, 2014) = – Enhancement: Changed body position to fixed from absolute within jquery.sidr.min.js while flyout is active to prevent scrolling on the pushed body window. – FIX: Added “width:100%” to default trigger images for IE8. = v1.0 (May 29, 2014) = – Released on CodeCanyon

Created 29 May 14
Last Update 22 August 15
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP
Software Version WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8
Tags custom content, extra content, fly out, fly-out, flyout, hidden content, hidden sidebar, off-canvas content, panel, plugin, responsive, sidebar, wordpress

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