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Disk Audio Player (MP3 Player) is a WordPress plugin to display html5 audio player in your website with unlimited color options and playlists with scrollbar.
Main Features HTML5 MP3 Player Responsive Retina Ready (Font Icons) Work on Desktops / Tablets / Phones Unlimited Color Options Playlist with Adjustable Scrollbar Easy to Use Poster Images Multiple Instances External Link (Buy, Download, Info) Keyboard Control Autoplay Option (New) Duplicate Functionality (New) Skins, Background Image, Opacity, Colors (New) Disable Playlist (New) Disable Header (New) Color Scheme Import (New) Added auto scroll to the playlist. Selected track in the top the list (New) Using SOUNDCLOUD API with Disk Audio Player In the “MP3 File” field (Disk Player WP Admin), add the following link: http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/TRACKID/stream?client_id=CLIENTID and replace TRACKID and CLIENTID with their respected values. PS: Each track has its own ID. To use a client_id, just create a new App in your account on Soundcloud and use the ID that was generated. See also Changelog v 1.6.8 (08 Apr 2015) * small css and html adjustments; v 1.6.7 (24 Mar 2015) * Fixed the playlist height. When it has many tracks and the last track is cut off. v 1.6.6 (20 Fev 2015) * bug fix scrollbar with transparent interface v 1.6.5 (22 Dez 2014) * Fixed incompatibility with Safari version 8.0.2 v 1.6.4 (06 Nov 2014) * Added configuration option “Open Scripts Hook” * Added configuration option “Open Scripts Local” * Small changes in styles * Add getBrowser check script v 1.6.3 (10 Out 2014) * New fix for android. v 1.6.2 (18 Set 2014) * Changed some function names to avoid conflicts . * Small code changes. v 1.6 (25 Aug 2014) * Bug fix to android. v 1.5 (15 Aug 2014) * Renamed diverse style classes to avoid conflicts. * Added option to disable header. v 1.4 (04 Aug 2014) * Some bug fix in frontend; v 1.3 (17 Jul 2014) * Added auto-scroll. Selected track to top the list; * Changes in css to avoid conflict with other css; v 1.2 (25 Jun 2014) * Some improvements in the code and removal of spaces to avoid errors in activation; v1.1 (9 Jun 2014) * added duplicate functionality; * added skins; * added color schemes (xml files) to import. Included in the documentation; * added opacity settings (RGBA); * added optional background image for the player; * added Autoplay; * added Disable Playlist; v1.0 (28 May 2014) * first release

Created 29 May 14
Last Update 10 April 15
High Resolution Yes
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, XML, CSS, PHP, SWF/FLV
Software Version WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9
Tags audio, audio player, audio playlist, html5 audio, html5 audio player, html5 player, media player, mobile player, mp3, mp3 player, music player, player skin, responsive audio player, retina ready

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