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Stop getting bored doing the same things. With Simple Form Validator handling form data will be fast and simple.
The main goal of this script is to help developers during form validation, surely one on the most hated operations that a webmaster has to do. Fast Implementation Validation process takes only few lines of code. You will validate a field just writing an easy array. Validate Everything Simple Form Validator by default can validate a large variety of fields: from the simplest text input to uploads and array. Common Validations require a field Set the maximum and minimum characters allowed Set the allowed or forbidden values Match a field with another to (for example) verify a password Numeric Validation Set the maximum and minimum value allowed Standard Field Type Validations Integer number Floating number Negative Integer Number Valid E-mail European date American date (MM DD YYYY) ISO date (YYYY MM DD) Standard time (HH MM) Valid URL Valid Hexadecimal Color Valid IP Address Valid US ZIPCODE Valid US telephone Array Validation Set the maximum and minimum number of elements allowed Upload Validations Require an upload Set the maximum and minimum filesize allowed Set the files extensions allowed And more, you can use regex expressions to do custom validations and also use OR conditions. See the validations in the live preview. Get the form data Also get the field values is very simple. By validating the fields the class put their values in an associative array. Then if for example we have a field called “test”, print its value will be simple as write: echo $fv[‘test’]; The class comes also with a function that automatically escape all the fields values to prepare them to be inserted in a database! Use your Validations If the default validations are not enough, you can get the field values, do your custom checks and create custom errors that will be integrated with the standards. Localize The Errors Simple Form Validator has a built-in system that allow you to display multilanguage erroror messages. By default are included English and Italian language.

Created 20 February 12
Last Update 23 January 14
Files Included PHP
Software Version PHP 5.x
Tags ajax, custom errors, data, form validation, localization, multilanguage, php, string validation, validation class, validator

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