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THIS IS A STANDALONE PHP SCRIPT. IT’S NOT A WORDPRESS PLUGIN. NOTE If you need a feature that is not within the current ones, write me on private (use the right-side “Contact Form” from my profile page) about it and I might be able to help you If you wish to rate this item lower than 5 stars, then please make sure you contact me first about any problem you might have with it and I will do my best to assist you. Any feedback is appreciated Changelog

** 16-Feb-2014 ** – JavaScript and CSS files for the forms are created faster now – Added “Test SMTP Settings” feature ** 30-Nov-2013 ** – Implemented jQuery Chosen Plugin (to enhance the look of the select drop-downs – 09/01/2014) – Added “Clone Field” (new feature) – CSS and JavaScript files are loading faster now as their static and have the extensions .css and .js (before they were processed as PHP files requiring a database connection which slowed down the loading process) – Now the connection to the database is made through MySQLi which is faster and better than the traditional mysql_*() family of functions which are old and scripted to be deprecated in future versions of PHP. ** 07-Nov-2013 ** – Replace “Edit Area” Template Editor with Ace Editor. The loading time of the ‘Edit Template’ page is faster and the new editor is hosted in the cloud which makes AJAX Form Pro lighter – Fixed a bug on the conditional logic ** 05-Oct-2013 ** – Custom Field Validation Added – Now you can validate any field as you want by calling an external file that will check the value entered by the visitor who fill the form. – The actual values submitted by the visitor can be now embedded into the Auto-Responder just like you do on the email that is sent to the admin. e.g. If the field’s name is first_name, then make sure you put “Greetings {first_name}” in the Auto-Responder in order to show his name. {ALL_FIELDS} will show the submitted form fields. ** 28-Sep-2013 ** – Show Custom Content after Successful Form Submit: Now you can add any content you want the visitor to see after the form is sent (you can output any HTML code there). ** 27-Aug-2013 ** – Improved the installation wizard by adding extra instructions and making the URL to AJAX Form Pro to be validated correctly – Set Field’s Default Value from URL Query String Value ** 18-Aug-2013 ** – Added Custom E-Mail Settings for Each Recipient – Send E-Mail to specific recipients based on option selected from a drop-down or radio button ** 08-Jun-2013 ** – Added Conditional/Logic Fields Feature – Added more validation types for a field including Regular Expressions type ** 05-Jan-2013 ** – Added “Close Box and Return to Form” button in the Upload Lightbox – Added a new feature: Import Form from HTML ** 07-Nov-2012 ** * Added 3 Bootstrap CSS Styles to the existing layouts * Added relative path (during the script installation) to the Form URL so you can load and use the CAPTCHA with both www and non-www in front of the domain name or if you load the same Form from URLs that have wildcard subdomains. * Send Post Data to remote URL: Useful for developers who do not wish to have an email sent or the message stored in the data, but just to create a form and send the post data to another page, whether it’s for a forum registration, a newsletter subscription etc. * Export All Messages from a Form / All Forms * Export All the Fields Values that were stored for a Form (if the save data to DB is enabled) * Turn Form into a basic PHP Contact Form: if, for any reason, you want to disable the AJAX validation and have the page refreshed after the user presses “Submit”, you can do that now. Also, the dependent selections that were made in the Selects are preserved in the refreshed page. ** 26-Jun-2012 ** * Added reCAPTCHA service to enhance security ** 06-Jun-2012 ** * Fixed an UI bug: the attachments were not cleared after form submit * Added a new feature: dependent dropdown selectors (load a list of option based on the selected option from the parent select field) AJAX Form Pro a professional multi-usage web form meant to enhance the functionality of your website by providing an interactive user experience for your website visitors that need to reach you, whether they need to send a feedback, share their opinion regarding your website, fill a survey or even make a room reservation online. The script can be practically used to create any type of ajaxified, yet secure form that collects data and sends it to your email inbox including but not limited to: Contact/Feedback Form Support Form Customer Survey Form Online Product Order Form Event Registration Form Employment Form Make a Room Reservation Online Form Send Testimonial Form Gift Order Form etc. Some of the features you get with AJAX Form Pro: Create unlimited AJAX Forms in the same page/multiple pages You can generate as many forms as you like and easily include them anywhere you wish. Each form has its own configuration file. For instance, you can enable the CAPTCHA for a form, while you can disable it for another form. RealTime Validator This makes the form completion process interactive. The errors show/hide while the user fills the form. If this feature is disabled, then all the errors will show above the form once the user clicks the submit button. Responsive Mobile-Friendly Forms These forms are adapting to other devices, providing an optimal viewing experience, including, but not limited to: Mobiles Phones (even those with a width of 240px), Smartphones (iPhone, Android Devices) and Tablets (iPad etc.)

Created 28 June 11
Last Update 5 May 15
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
Software Version PHP 5.3
Tags ajax form, contact form, form, form builder, form creator, form maker

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