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Manipulate with your data using simple methods
Powerful actions in simple Active Record style. No any SQL writing. Fast and low-memory usage, compact and cleaner resulting code Features Simple insert, update and delete Batch inserts and updates Where conditions and fulltext search Sorting and grouping Joins of multiple tables Foreign keys updating Checking the uniqueness of records Concatenation and group concatenation Min, max, sum and total Increments and decrements You do not need to remember about tildes and quotes System Requirements PHP5 MySQL5 MySQLi extention Changelog v.1.0.6 Concat() fixed. v.1.0.5 Insert() fixed. v.1.0.4 Minor fixes in where() method. Added new methods open_sub() and close_sub() – creating sub-conditions between where() parts. v.1.0.3 ‘Like’ methods fixed. Added order_by() method (alias of sort_by()). v.1.0.2 New methods get_list() and get_single(). Added ‘alias’ parameter in join methods. Random fixed. Other minor bugs fixed. v.1.0.1 get_one() and fields() methods fixed. Added new method distinct().

Created 28 December 12
Last Update 28 March 15
Files Included PHP
Software Version PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x
Tags active record, database abstraction, database driver, mysql abstraction, mysql class, php mysql driver

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