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RenownedDatabase is an easy to integrate database manager. What this means is you, as a developer, can simplify the creation of your sites admin panel by simply installing RenownedDatabase in the backend. RenownedDatabase handles all your CRUD needs (CReation, Updating, Deleting of records) for your database tables. Don’t want your users browsing certain databases or tables? We have included a blacklisting feature which allows you to specify an array of un-approved databases or database tables. This script also handles one to many relationships. By editing an employee table with a field named “business_id”, it will go to a table named “business” where the Primary Key field equals the value of the “business_id” field, and build a dropdown with all the businesses from that table. This prevents your end user from having to temporarily memorize a businesses “id” and putting it into to employee table. RenownedDatabase does require some standardized naming conventions (nomenclature) to work properly. Every table this app works with will need an auto_increment Primary Key, and for the one-to-many relationships, the table will also need a field named “name” for the dropdown selection. If the table doesn’t have a PK, it can only be browsed or have data added. Features: Easily integrated into any web application (live demo required no modifications to template) Simplifies building admin panels for web developers Handles one-to-many relationships with a dropdown select menu Features a blacklist for both databases and database tables You can either leave all databases open or specify only one database Handles Creation, Updating, and Deleting (CRUD) Works with tables the developer defines (user cannot create or modify) All PHP is included in one single file and URLs do not require a specific filename

Created 30 September 09
Last Update N/A
Compatible Browsers Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari
Files Included PHP
Software Framework N/A
Software Version PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x
Tags admin, crud, css, database, developer, easily integrated, management, mysql, panel, php

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