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WP Subscribtion Widget Click Here The Newsletter Mailer is a powerful email marketing tool. This has got multiple features. This application is not compatible with Microsoft IIS (or any Windows Server) Version 1.395 (13. July 2013 Released) Fix Amazon SES Testing BugAdd PHP 5.4 support Version 1.39 (17. June 2012 Released) Cleanup BugfixUpdated Translation Version 1.38 (17. January 2012) NEW FASTER DELIVERY Parallel delivery Release NoteTimezone settingFix last login bug Version 1.36 (28. November 2011) Chinese TranslationResend FailedAPI Unsubcribe Version 1.352 (8. October 2011) Security Bug Fix Version 1.351 (13. Sebtember 2011) Disable Rss FeedDate encoding bugPrivate Newsletter(Do not display in RSS)Turkish TranslationPolish Translation Version 1.351 (13. Sebtember 2011) Disable Rss FeedDate encoding bugPrivate Newsletter(Do not display in RSS)Turkish TranslationPolish Translation Version 1.34 Available Now (2. August 2011) Reactivate sent NewslettersSpanish TranslationSwedish TranslationRussian Translation Version 1.33 (23. July 2011) Compatible with the WordPress Subscription WidgetAPI Unicode Bug FixUnicode CSV Bug Fix Version 1.31 (28. June 2011) Date formating bug fixCSV Import bug fix Version 1.3 (20. June 2011) Although the Newsletter Mailer is translatable since version 1.1, it was  time-consuming to translate the whole application. For this reason I have decided to provide the translation files for the most common languages ( Dutch, Portuguese, French, English, Italian, German) with the help of my customers. Thanks again to those who provided me with the translations. Every thing in the application is now translated the dates, the wysiwyg editor and the filemanager A/B testing is an important method of marketing testing. For this reason I decided to Implement an function which enables you to split a specific subscriber categories in to an random A and B category. An other important issue which was brought up by the users of the Newsletter Mailer was the ability to stop an newsletter from sending. Until now the newsletter mailer was like a fast running train with out any brakes. Using the tag {$update_subscriber} you can give your subscriber the ability to change his category selection or update his user informations. Custom Fields can now be labelled or hidden this will make the administration of the subscribers a lot clearer Last but not least, I added an addToCategory and a removeFromCategory function to the Newsletter Mailer API. This way you can assign subscribers to a category using the API. Load websites or widgets in to your newsletter dynamically. The new load tag will enable you to easily load informations in to your newsletter. You can use this feature to load for example a list of your newest products. This feature will be part of my next update. Select all feature. This allows you to add all the subscribers who match the search to a category or remove them from a category.  Importing large CSV files. Was a big issue, for this reason I created a function which splits the CSV file in multiple parts. Sent Newsletters RSS Feed Version 1.25 (21. April 2011) New Features: Batch actions in subscriber section Now you can create users which can not edit the configurations and create new users. This way you can limit he number of mails sent in a specific time for your customer and he can’t change this configuration. Convert HTML version to Plain Text External subscribe/unsubscribe message. You can use any URL as subsuscribtion/unsubscription landing page. Subscriber can update his selected categories using the subscription form. Multi word field names using underscore first_name => First Name New field type “Lite WYSIWYG” Get Thanks and Confirm message using API  Fixed Bugs: Checkbox list formating “Refresh Bug” in the subscription form Added missing translation strings Version 1.2(13. March 2011) Multiple delivery ways: SMTP Php mail() Sendmail Amazon Simple Email Service New Functions: Captcha in Subscription Form “I accept the Terms of Service” checkbox in Subscription Form Version 1.15 (14. Feb 2011) elFinder File Manager ( More Infos ) API (remote subscribers adding) Bug Fixes Improved Cronjob Functionality Version 1.11 Unsubscribe invalide subscribers Export “Who opened the Newsletter” statistic to CSV-File New Statistic: Count how many the newsletter was opened Comment template field structure Version 1.1 Newletter Mailer is now fully translatable (Language files) UTF8 Unicode DB Send to Friend Link Import from DB function imporved Custom Fileds for Subscribers See who opened the Newsletter and where he is from (country) Add image from URL UPDATE Version 1.071 Bug fixings for version 1.07 now available UPDATE Version 1.07 Newsletter campaign (schedule a series of newsletters to be sent) Search subscribers Limit the number of mails sent in a specific time span (e.g.: 500 in 1h) Bug fixings Version 1.06 Double opt-in confirm link in email (Optional) Notification mail on new subscriptions (Optional) Subscribers can be imported from an other database using mysql querys connection Subscribers can be export to CSV files Export/Import Template inclusive images Subscriber Management Create custom standalone or iframe subscription forms Group subscribers using categories Subscribers can be imported from CSV files Newsletter Management Create professional newsletters templates SmartyTM template engine. Application automatically detects missing images which can be replaced using an upload field The Newsletter Mailer optimizes the newsletter template for mailing (convert relative image paths to absolute paths, integrate css as inline style) No HTML skills required to design a newsletter. Template is filled in using different fields (text fields, WYSIWYG editors, image chooser) Newsletter tracking and URL tracking. You can see if your newsletters where opened and which links where clicked. Newsletter sending Newsletter are sent using a SMTP Server. Mails sent per connection can be limited. A wait period can be defined between two connections. Detect rejected newsletters using bounce mails (IMAP,POP3) Video ScreencastsInstallation Subscriber Management Template Creation

Created 9 January 11
Last Update 1 April 15
High Resolution No
Compatible Browsers IE7, IE8, Safari, Opera
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
Software Framework CakePHP
Software Version PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.x
Tags amazon, amazon ses, Amazon Simple Email Service, email newsletters, mail, newsletter, smtp

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