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  PHP Forgot Password for User Management System Forgot Password for User Management System is a Password Auto Recovery module. You can integrate Forgot Password in an existing or new Project that already has a User Management system or Members area. With the help Forgot Password Installer installation is a breeze. After you have finished basic installation, customizing the three pages (request reset, reset password and reset invalid) to match the design of your website may take awhile. PHP Forgot Password for User Management System is an email based Password Recovery Script. It allows you to add a a forgot password link just below your user login form. A password reset email is sent to the user’s email address to reset the password. Live Demo View a Live demo of the Forgot Password PHP Script working here. For demo purpose only after you enter the username/ email to reset password a clickable green button appear. Once you click on it you can reset your password. http://sixthlife.net/ForgotPassword/demo/forgotpassword.php Test with Username: demouser1 OR Email : [email protected] Minimum Length of Password is set to 6 characters in the demo. Test with Username: demouser2 OR Email : [email protected] Minimum Length of Password is set to 6 characters in the demo. Special Features of Forgot Password Script Integrates with new or existing User Management Area. Email based Password Recovery. Supports password hashing/ encryption. Customizable Password Validation. User can retrieve password by specifying either username or email. Completely customizable Password Reset Email. Supports both (HTML and Text) Messages. The Screens or Pages can be custom designed by you for seemless integration with your Member’s Area. Complete documentation provided. Security Considerations All old password reset codes are removed from database for security purposes. After one use a password reset code expires and any further access to the page takes you to Reset link expired page. At any point of time there is only one reset code per password as the system cleans up old information that is not needed. Installation Guide Check Quick Install Guide by following : http://www.sixthlife.net/ForgotPassword/QuickInstall.pdf. View the detailed documentation at: http://www.sixthlife.net/ForgotPassword/doc/index.html. Limitations The “Forgot Password” script as of now supports no password hashing/ encryption (plain text password), md5 hashing (32 character) or sha1 hashing with default parameters (40 character) with no salt. Support For item support, reporting bugs and update requests, product information please contact us through our support forum. SixthLife Product Support. If you have any questions or queries please send us a message through the contact form at Author Profile Page Rate It If you like the Script, Please Rate it. 

Created 18 June 12
Last Update N/A
High Resolution No
Compatible Browsers IE7, IE8, Firefox
Files Included CSS, PHP
Software Version PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x
Tags forgot password, password, password recovery, Password Reset, Recover Password, User Management Addon, users

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