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They love it: SiteBuilder Lite is an easy-to-use page builder and light CMS. Use the intuitive drag&drop builder to combine pre-designed blocks into rockin’ page and sites! Try the live demo at http://trybuilder.com/lite/demo/ and see for yourself how easy it is to build awesome website! SiteBuilder Lite features Easy to use drag & drop builder 36 professionally designed blocks allowing you to start building sites and pages instantly Extend SiteBuilder Lite by easily adding your own custom blocks Edit images, links, styles and content Export your sites including all assets like Javascript files, CSS files and images. Publish your sites/page directly to a live server using FTP, allowing you to use SiteBuilder Lite as a light CMS Create user accounts for your users to access SiteBuilder Lite Users can access and maintain their own image library Easy to use settings page to configure the application Installer script for easy automatic installation Everything combined in a beautifully designed interface! Clear and concise documentation (read online here) SiteBuilder Lit requirements A LAMP server (Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP) Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled PHP 5.1.6 or newer PHP MySQLi extension (regular MySQL might work but is not tested) Changelog 2015-03-11 v1.3 – fixed: background image changes undone when publishing – fixed: dragging/dropping blocks already on the canvas removes previous changes – fixed: user account modal not working properly for non-admin users – fixed: changed styling gone after publishing – improvement: better height adjustments after changing a blocks content – improvement: improved canvas performance and stability (removed iframe zooming which brings better performance to Chrome) – feature: live previews – feature: pre-build page templates 2015-01-27 v1.25 – fixed: loading issues in Chrome – altered left menu slide-in effect – implement front-end user signups (users can now create accounts themselves) 2014-12-19 v1.2 – fix: can’t update images on some portfolio and team blocks – fix: user filter is shown on non-admin sites page – improved: block action buttons are now aligned horizontally rather then vertically (allowing them to remain visible on smaller blocks) – improved: removed file path field when updating images 2014-12-12 v1.1.9 – fix for missing/corrupted images when publishing sites/pages 2014-12-02 v1.1.8 – implemented better handling of images while publishing/exporting (only images belonging to the current user are included) 2014-11-21 v1.1.7 – implemented HTML source code editing – fixed several major security issues – added 7 additional blocks – implemented table editing – switched the block panel from a “hover” effect to a “click”effect – remove alert notification when switching pages 2014-11-16 v1.1.6 – bug: new pages not always showing up in page dropdown in link editor – removal of (unneeded) inline CSS – editing background images of header elements – implemented one-page links (linking to sections within a single page site) – bug: links wrapped around elements (images and icons for example) aren’t editable – bug: multiple editors appear occasionally in the modal popup when editing content 2014-11-10 v1.1.5 – implemented support for video editing (Youtube and Vimeo) 2014-11-05 v1.1.1 – fixed bug where several images change after changing a single image 2014-11-04 v1.1 – implemented improved text editing, now using rich text editor – sticky fixed header with building modes/buttons – couple of minor enhancements 2014-11-02 v1.0.1 – fixed issue with sites not saving (when pretty URLs are turned off)

Created 2 November 14
Last Update 19 March 15
High Resolution Yes
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, LESS
Software Framework CodeIgniter
Software Version PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x
Tags content management system, drag and drop, Light CMS, page builder, site builder, website builder

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