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A. Description If you already worked with files and directories in PHP then you will know that the default copy, delete(unlink) functions are ok to use on files but when you want to delete or copy a directory with content in it, it’s an whole other story. This class gives you the ability to easily delete, create, move, copy files and directories with content. B. Features Copy files and folders Move files and folders Rename files and folders Delete files and folders Create files and folders Read and write a file Listing the content of a directory Get file extension Easy to use To big advantage of this class is that is works recursive and that it works the same for directories and files. If you for example want to delete a directory and all it’s content you can do it like this. include(“File.php”); $File = new Explorer(); $File->SetPath(‘c:/test/sitebase’); $File->Delete(); If you want to delete a file you can do this: include(“File.php”); $File = new Explorer(); $File->SetPath(‘c:/test/sitebase.txt’); $File->Delete(); To copy a directory and it’s content you do this: include(“File.php”); $File = new Explorer(); $File->SetPath(‘c:/test/sitebase’); $File->Copy(‘c:/test/sitebase_backup’);

Created 5 February 10
Last Update N/A
Compatible Browsers Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari
Files Included PHP
Software Framework N/A
Software Version PHP 5.x
Tags class, copy, delete, extension, files, listing, move, php, rename

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