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This script is the ajax version of our Advanced tables script. The result is that this script can work with much more data. It even can handle a database with more than 300,000 records. Updates 21/2/2010: Fixed json_encode problem for PHP versions smaller than 5.3 Fixed wrong source reference in Example script Added feature to only search in specific columns (see PDF documentation page 6 “searchColumns” parameter) Fixed last row search result problem 2/2/2010: Fixed error when there are no records Optitional UTF8 ( $Driver->SetCharset(“utf8”); ) Group by problem fixed 8/12/2009: Added feature to hide columns (see documentation end of page 3) Fixed wrong rows number in footer Add a css class name based on row data (see documentation page 5) 17/11/2009: Added parameter to add previous next navigation buttons Solved default ordering problem Second parameter in a converter holds now the table row information. Features Sorting columns (disable sorting on specific columns) Manipulate table cells with converters (php functions/objects) Live search field Tested with on database with more than 300,000 records. Pagination Works on MySQL database. (CSV and other datasources are planned for next versions) Multiple instances on one page. Automaticly sort on column x on page load Automaticly open page x on page load Choose how many rows per page Cross browser Alternating row colors Degrades for users with javascript disabled

Created 9 November 09
Last Update N/A
Compatible Browsers Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari
Files Included PHP
Software Framework N/A
Software Version PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x
Tags ajax, data, datagrid, live, order, search, sort, striped, tables

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