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Mouse Media Script provide you a quick and easy way to create an viral media site (with brief-popular named “gag-site”). With this awesome media script you can build your viral media site in under 1 minute. Responsive Desktop and Mobile Version Desktop Features Included: Flexible: Home Page Popular Media Page Categories Pages SearchOriginal Sign In, Sign Up, Forgot Password Social Networks Authentication (Facebook, Twitter) Adverts in Sidebar And in Media. Media Files: Upload From Url Upload Image Upload Video (Youtube, Vimeo, Vines) Make Meme (Upload Image From Website Or From Computer And Create Your MEME, Share It On Website OR Social Networks … OR Save It On Computer …) You Can: Share Posts On Facebook, Google +, Twitter … See Media Full Page Give Points (upvotes) On Media Add Comments On Media Click and See Next Post User Profiles has functions: Overview Your Profile See Your Posts See Your Upvotes See Your Comments Profile Settings (Account, Password, Profile, Delete Your Account) Hide Your Profile Admin Panel (Intagrated With User Profile – admin): Home Page (Time and Date box, Daily Posts, Daily Comments, Daily New Users, All Posts, All Comments, All Users, Notes) Posts Page (Posts Table, Edit Posts, Remove Posts, Remove All Posts, Check All Posts, Pages Navigation) Users Page (Users Table, Remove Users, Remove All Users, Check All Users, Pages Navigation) Categories Page (Categories Table, Add Category, Edit Categories, Remove Categories, Remove All Categories, Check All Categories, Pages Navigation) Comments Page (Comments Table, Remove Comments, Remove All Comments, Check All Comments, Pages Navigation) Settings Page: Website – [Change Logo, Favicon, Watermark, Website Name, Website Keywords, Website Description, Main Page Title, Sidebar Title], Media – [Posts Per Page, Min Length Search, Turn Comments On Website, Turn Social Network Share Buttons, Turn Search On Website], Social Media – [Change Facebook Page ID, Facebook APP ID, Facebook APP SECRET], Ad Management – [Change Small Advert and Big Advert Code], Analytics (Stats Tracking) – [Change Google Analytics Code], RSS – [Turn RSS Feed, RSS Limit], Sitemap – [Turn Sitemap.xml] Mobile Features Included: Requirements PHP 5.5.x for best performance. MySQL 5.x for best performance. Updates Update 1.6 (05/08/2014) Add SEO-FRIENDLY URL Add Encrypted Passwords Add SEO Functions Fixed Twitter Problem Fixed SITEMAP special character problem Fixed RSS special character problem Fixed Facebook Comments (for mobile and desktop version) Update 1.5 (06/06/2014) Add New Theme “ELEGANT” Fixed Facebook login and registration Add Twitter login and registration Fixed Upload (It doesn’t available for guests)Fast turn on GIFS Random Function don’t remove when turn off search Add TOP USERS in sidebar Add TOP POSTS in sidebar Add Featured Posts in sidebar Add Sidebar Chooser in Admin-Panel Add More SEO Tags (Description, Keywords and etc.)Add Sidebar Chooser in Admin-Panel Add Theme Changer in Admin-Panel Add Chars in Description in Admin-Panel (ex: 120 chars) Add Language Changer in Admin Add English Language Package Add Georgian Language Package Add Japanese Language Package Add Slovak Language Package Add Czech Language PackageWhen you click author name in comments, you go to author profile page Update 1.4 (26/05/2014) Add NSFW Modal Box with Terms and Conditions Accept. (You can turn on and turn off it admin-panel settings) If you delete news, auto delete its photo Add Captcha Code In Registration Add Box Type function where you can choose What type box do you want to have big or small in pages (ex: main pages, categories and etc…) Add Pages function in Mouse Media ScriptMouse Media Script Upgrading Update 1.3 (24/05/2014) Upload Media on Mobile Version Upload with pending media in admin-panel or auto Upload Type Changer In admin-panel (pend or auto) Age Promt Modal In Each Media Add Next and Previous buttons on the mobile version Add Random Function Update Special Characters In Registration Post Title When Click Twitter Share Button Facebook comments has been updated When Click Video It goes on video page Different Language Name Photo Upload (ex: chinese language)Add JPEG Format In Photo Upload Update 1.2 (21/05/2014) Add Theme Color Changer In Admin Panel Add Permalink Two Options (Default /gag/$news_id, Category /category_name/$news_id) Add Big Advert On Header (You can turn on and turn off this advert from admin panel) Add Adverts On Mobile Version (You can turn on and turn off this advert from admin panel) Fixed Profile Photo Upload (settings)Add Description On Media Update 1.1 (19/05/2014) Add Upload Video (Youtube, Vimeo, Vines) Share Facebook Fixed  (Works fine!) Edit Admin Panel Pagination function Update 1.0 (17/05/2014) Initial Release

Created 17 May 14
Last Update 5 August 14
High Resolution Yes
Compatible Browsers IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG
Software Version PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x
Tags 9gag, 9gagclone, funny, funny pictures, gags, gags clone, gifs, media script, media site, meme, mouse media script, pics, social, videos, viral

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