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This package provides you two very simple scripts that enable you to load multiple CSS & JavaScript files as a combined, minified & compressed version without changing your actual original files. This reduces the transfer rate of your CSS and JavaScript Files from the Web Server to the Browser and definitely gives a positive impact on your bandwidth usage as well as it reduces the loading time by caching the output. By caching the output, this script reduces the number of requests to the web server every time the website is visited. If you feel any issues regarding the usage / implementation of the scripts. Feel free to contact me via my user page. Changelog 03-SEP-2010 – Added loadCSS.php to optimize the CSS Output as a minified compressed version. 08-SEP-2010 – Added loadJS.php to combine, minify and compress the output of JavaScript files. Features v2.0 Combines Multiple JavaScript Files into 1 Output. Features v1.0 Combines Multiple CSS Files into 1 Output. Removes Line Breaks, Comments, Extra Spaces without disturbing the original files. Compresses the output using PHP ’s ZLib Module. Compresses the output up to 85% dynamically reducing the file transfer size and saves bandwidth. Online Demo Demo URL : http://www.ues-electrical.com/css/loadCSS.php?template,highslide,superfish

Created 3 September 10
Last Update N/A
Compatible Browsers IE7, IE8, Safari, Opera
Files Included PHP
Software Version PHP 5.x
Tags compress css, compress javascript, dynamic compression, dynamic load css, dynamic load javascript, improve page speed, minify css, minify javascript

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