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On October 27, 2014
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Best free download Nice Pigs : Game For Android With AdMob

General description:

Little pigs are on the loose and all lost. Help them to find their home. This game is an arcade game to help little pigs coming from different directions to find their own homes. Note that don’t make them bump on each other or the game is over. Three types of pigs are appearing in the game and they have different speed. You should consider that. You can move a stone by clicking a switch beside it so that you can make a way for your lost pigs. Try to drive your pigs to their home as much as you can and you will get scores for the count of pigs arrived at home. Have fun!

This item is java project and was made on Eclipse.

Files Included: .apk, .java, .xml, Layered PSD, Layered PNG
Mobile OS: Android OS 2.1, Android OS 2.2, Android OS 2.3, Android OS 2.3.3, Android OS 2.3.4, Android OS 2.3.6, Android OS 2.3.7, Android OS 3.1, Android OS 3.2, Android OS 4.0, Android OS 4.0.3, Android OS 4.0.4, Android OS 4.1.x, Android OS 4.2.x
Tags: android, android game, arcade, cocos2d, game, java, pig, simple

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